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the underdog's coaching clinic of the year

The Versailles, Ohio [RE-STREAM] Clinic

Princeton Offense Live

October 28th & 29th + [Replay Access for 2 Weeks]

If you need a smarter Way to compete, or if you Want to Optimize Your Princeton 
Offense to better fit Your personnel... watch the video and sign up below!

Make Sure The Sound Is ON (Click The Play Button Below To Get Started)

Ready To Build Your Underdog Offense To Compete, Contend, & Conquer...

And Achieve Your Program's Potential, Command Respect, And Finally Take Down Goliath?

Why Is Princeton Offense LIVE The Best

Coaching Clinic For Underdogs & Contending Programs?

(Hint: The Offense's Reputation Plus Modern Strategy Speak For Themselves)

Learn The 



Install The 



Execute The



Attend Virtually... On The Livestream or Replay

You'll Have The Rare Chance To...

 Watch On Court Demonstrations of The Princeton Offense being installed and executed by Coach John Wheeler with 20 Years Experience with the offense.

 Network & Hang Out With a group of coaches Just Like You... who all run versions of The Princeton Offense and are trying to win as an Underdog!

 Witness the Skill Development Process and emphasis on Explosion and how getting your players to move Zero to Sixty can be a literal game changer.

 Learn The Full Offense so you can choose the right X's and O's for "Your" personnel, your program, and the strategy you need to execute to compete.

 Learn The Advanced Game Planning strategy of running your offense kind of like a professional pitcher will utilize fastballs to setup curves, off speed, and splitters (to wrap the metaphor) and always keep the defense on their heels.

AND Soooooooooo Much More!

Two Full Days Of Leveling The Playing Field.

It's All Happening In The "Golden State"
(Bring On The Underdog)


Click Or Hit The Button Above And I'll Shoot Over Clinic INFO... (In Person Or Virtual)!

Coach John Wheeler
Johnstown, Ohio

Dear Underdog,

"What are the Top 1% of Underdog Coaches doing today to compete AND upset more talented teams... That the other 99% are Not?"

I am not going to sugarcoat this one.

Times have changed.

The game has evolved.

Trends have set in.

Talent is coming together and competition for players is at the highest level that it has been probably ever!

The Modern Game Is Improving Every Single Year...

And because of this, The Game is Changing!

"This Is NOT Your Your Grand Daddy's Princeton Offense"
- Coach Wheeler

Players have more resources at their fingertips than ever.

But skill development is no replacement for team play.

AAU is popular, but that is where true team play dies!

What is being lost today is high level, disciplined, and prepared offensive strategies Elevating Role Players and Freeing Star Players!

The two core scenarios that dictate winning:

#1 Superior Talent... with a good enough Strategy

#2 A Superior Strategy... with good enough Talent

And although Talent is RARE!

I am here to tell you... With solid, consistent player development from your youth program through Varsity...

You can "Develop" Talent... that is Good Enough when paired with the right Strategy AND Offense to Execute that Strategy.

The unrelenting pressure to win... The long nights of what ifs... The non-stop worrying if your players are actually buying in, or if you're losing the locker room with what you're teaching on the court.

All of those feelings can disappear when you come to Princeton Offense Live 2022 INDIANA!

That's because Princeton Offense Live is the One AND Only Coaching Clinic for Cinderellas, Dark Horses, and Underdogs to discover NEW Competitive Strategies... NEW Tactics of Execution... and NEW ways to WIN!

Even Contenders trying to win that elusive big game can find an edge at Princeton Offense LIVE.

As a Princeton Offense Outsider I have personally, passionately, and obsessively put in the hard work to learn and break down their secrets... 

And this September I will be giving them all away...

So you can coach and lead with confidence that you have the right strategy for the right moment... 

to turn the corner with your program.

October 28th & 29th Re Streamed Replays

Experience Three Jam Packed Days of real, Actionable Underdog Strategies, Tactics, and advice so you can finally have the thriving basketball program of your dreams!

Click Or Hit The Button Above And I'll Shoot Over Clinic INFO... (In Person Or Virtual)!

"this is NOT your grand daddy's Princeton Offense"

the princeton offense is one of the most Flexible 
offensive systems available in the game today

Controlling Tempo to either Extreme is easily executable with the correct adjustments

I'll prove it to you

Give me two days in Ohio (or Live Online Virtually) and I will personally show you the Core Offense AND today's NEW modern tactics... insights... and frameworks to follow, so you can realistically...

"Compete with better teams, win more consistently, and even Upset a Giant or two!"


  How to Develop the players you have Efficiently.

  How to Plan your overall and very critical Strategy.

  How to Customize the Princeton Offense to Suit. 

  How to Install your Offense with Emphasis & Repetition. 

  When to Fine Tune the offensive sets to Perfection. 

  How to Game Plan & setup the defense All Night.

It's all happening in Indiana (and Virtually)...

The Low Post Series

Learn not only how to execute Low Post but also how to manipulate the defense to easier create scoring opportunities, but also how to utilize the series as a Hub if to the rest of the offense.

The Chin Series

Learn how to run the most utilized series of the offense but also the most flexible, especially it comes to Pressure Releases, Wrinkles, and Quick Hitters.

The Point Series

Learn how to execute the series which balances using your role players as well as players who can create off of ball screens... but also leaves plenty of room for mis-direction actions.

The Open Series

Learn the series that goes most overlooked in the offense, however always leaves the defense in the most vulnerable situations by not allowing them to establish a help side presence.

The Flash Series

Learn the least known series in the offense that also is responsible for one of the greatest back door baskets of all time... It is excellent for pressure release situations but also very good for giving the defense a look they don't see often.

October 28th and 29th

The On Court Party Begins... 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (East Coast Time)